NJ, Chapter closed. NY, welcome to my life!

    Hi NY!!  After almost 3 years in NJ and right now, I am writing from the place where I always dreamed to be since age 11.
   I can’t believe all major chances my life took since the day I decided to come to the U.S.
It’s is incredible to see what time has made with me. I can clearly remember all anxiety and goals I used to have when I was preparing my trip, after my biggest regret of my whole life [ not coming here before for High School ] I was finally pursuing my dreams to live abroad. I left a good college behind to adventure in a land of cold people…My initial plan was to stay in the U.S for a year to improve my English and come back to Brazil.
   After 7 months of discoveries, to be very specific,it was Christmas night. I was in a flight to Orlando, alone, on my way to meet my Brazilian girlfriend there, drinking a glass of wine and crying imagining all my family reunited for Christmas dinner.[ I was also thinking about them watching the video I recorded] Between the emotional roller-coaster and the realization of who I really was, the world of opportunities and maturity I have been exposed to, I felt the decision time knocking on my head and during that flight, I decided to stay a little longer.
     This week is one of the crazy ones, ( I should say the craziest of this year so far). Emotions running high and expectations laying on the present/future ground. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in my own movie.
I feel my family members with me on every decision I make, even though they are not here and I am writing my own story.

    It is funny how life, god, science or wherever power that rules things throw us extraordinary people when we least expect… too bad sometimes we make stupid decisions and put everything in risk. At the end, its all about learning, we can’t come back on time anyway 😦

    Time! Time! Where are you, time? Not my best friend, you know that, right? I hope you bring good news! The ground although uncertain it slowly showing -not necessary what I want,but what I need to know, it is opening my eyes to a whole new atmosphere, which I almost recognize and get lost in the base I created myself. 

     Listening to… Lana Del Rey (soo NYC/GG haha ♥ ♥  )

 Leaving now to explore my new neighborhood! So hungry!! I didn’t eat all day long, packing and unpacking stuff are [for sure] on my list of the most undesirable things to do.

See you soon little diary,



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