Sailing in NY (not), IKEA in Brooklyn and Cooking at home.

Hi blog  :]
  Today I woke up early and came back to bed to finish my sleep cycle (obviously) haha. After officially waking up [around 11am] I talked to B. about cooking and doing something afterwards.
We decided to get meat to cook at home and going sailing after.
Since he moved to his new place, we have been excited to cook all the time as it is incredibly cheaper than eating out in New York!
  Around 2pm we got ready and ”googled” some groceries nearby, but, since it was Sunday, most of them were closed  😥  (BTW: This weekend we found an amazing fish market over here):
Realizing our favorite grocery was closed, we ended up going to a Deli, getting round beef there [$2.90 for two pieces] and to a Chinese restaurant to get a box of white rice for $1.50!! Cheap meal accomplished! 
We headed to the Sailing Club around 4 20pm… When we got there, there was only one spot for sailing! Actually two, but in different boats 😦  
So we decided to go to IKEA in Brooklyn instead. We walked to Pier 11 on the East Side and took the free ferry (yay!) to IKEA. (On weekends IKEA offer free ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn/ Brooklyn Manhattan) I don’t know why but I was super sleepy on the way there. 
Waiting for the ferry at Pier 11 (B. is behind me checking something on his phone lol)
IKEA has an interesting concept. When we get there, we enter the store by the showroom and after walking all the way to the end, we can go downstairs to the store and buy everything you need (literally)  smart company- the fact we build ourselves saves them lots of time and money.
Since it was too late when we left, the ferry wasn’t running anymore and we had to take the free shuttle to a Brooklyn subway station and from there we took the subway to Manhattan.
Nice and productive day =]
See you on Friday for more updates on my NY adventures… Next Post: Interior Design projects in NY, new college and H1b jobs as an International Student.


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