Lego movie and fun weekend with my baby!

 Hi blog! 🙂

     Last weekend my boyfriend came to my apt to spend the weekend with me. It’s nice when he comes because we get to explore the Upper West Side area- or we try to. lol (since most of the time we are at his place and we end up going somewhere midtown or downtown). 

On Friday we went out for dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants in NY: Chai Kitchen. When we were done with dinner, we headed to 2 bars with our friends. I don’t know if you guys know but bar hoping is NYC law. hahah 

This is the Thai restaurant we love so much!! 

These are the dishes we ALWAYS order. lol

Appetizer plate:
Mine ( Pad See Ew- mine I always order with no egg and no Broccoli but I didn’t have a pic so I got this online, lol)

His fav (Pad Thai)

If you wanna go there sometime, their address is: Chai Kitchen (930 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019)

After Chai Kitchen we went bar hoping, only two but it was nice.
So, the first bar we went to it was the ”Mc Coys” (super tiny bar and kinda dead lol)  

Then, we headed to some bar that was offering $5.00 mojitos. Great! We got our drinks and tasted like it was made with 50% ice, 3 % of alcohol and 47% of lemon. lol I was really tired so I came back home w Ru and our friends stayed at the bar.

On Saturday we went to Outback (  bad! :/ ) and to the Movies to watch the new Lego movie.
 One thing I love about watching kids movies is that we forget our problems, we laugh at stupid things and we feel so much lighter when we leave. 

 After the movies we went to Trader’s Joes and picked up some cheap-good dumplings and macaroons (4.99 pack with 12 pure deliciousness  *___* ) . Sunday was cold and you know, its Sunday and self-explanatory. (Boring, Cold, lazy day on the bed 🙂  )

     (Quick stop at Sephora after the Lego Movie- he looks so cute! ^^ )

This week is Valentine’s day and I can’t wait to post our Valentine’s day pics and everything. 😀
I love celebrating stuff (Anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, New Years, etc. lol) 




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