Valentine’s day in the city.

  Hi blog! 🙂

  This weekend we celebrated Valentine’s day (Friday)! 
I was so excited to see my boyfriend! I was anxious the whole week waiting for our ”date night” 🙂
During the week, between my classes, I went shopping for his gifts. I decided to do a basket with some stuff;

Friday we were supposed to meet in my apartment, and then head to a restaurant for dinner together.
I came back home super tired,but it didn’t matter that much- it was Valentine’s day!! 😀
Ru arrived in my apt around 8:10pm… as soon as I opened the door, he gave me a delicate flower bouquet. I was so nervous, shy, happy… I don’t know why but every time I exchange gifts with him I feel super shy. 

I told him to go to my room and when he opened the door…

As soon as he saw my little surprise, he handed me another 3 bags of gifts ^^!

1- A super cute  Zara dress:

 2- A box of Macaroons (when I saw this box I was so so SO happy hahah )

3- Blue flower vase for the flowers he got me! 
All gifts together *__* 🙂

  But the best gift of all of that it was feeling the happiness that surrounded us and reading his sincere and loving words: 

    It was time to leave the gifts behind and head to the restaurant Ru booked for dinner. We went to a restaurant called ”Landmarc” in downtown TriBeCa. Landmarc is a steakhouse and has a warming atmosphere; perfect for Valentines! +10 pts for him. =) When we got there, we were confused about where to seat – they have two floors. We ended up sitting close to the window on the ground floor and eventually moving to a booth (yayyy, I love booths because we can sit next to each other)!!

 We ordered Calamari for Appetizer and, for entrees; Filet Mignon and Lamb (I think it was Lamb!)
Everything was delicious and perfect; from the ambiance to the customer service, I will be back there for sure! Thanks baby for our second AMAZING Valentine’s day.  🙂

The rest of the weekend was full of snow and so cold that we barely went out. We only went to a restaurant close to my house called ”Chocolat” and on Sunday, we went to the Mille-Feuille Bakery and to a crepe place (so good btw).

  Chocolat :

 Mille-Feuille Bakery:

    Hopefully your week is as awesome as my weekend was! 🙂
    Have a nice week, hug,



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