Interview with international students in NYC and F1 visa.

Hello readers 🙂

Today I will be interviewing two international students in New York City. They will share a little bit of their experiences on a student visa (F1). Hopefully you all enjoy it!

Marcia Grey is an international student from the Caribbean. She is currently a student at Brooklyn College in New York and her major is Sociology.

Fanny Shum is an International Student from Venezuela. She is currently a student at Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York.

1-Why did you decide to be a student in the U.S.A ?

Marcia: I chose the USA because I want more than a text book experience. I want experiences that will enable me to grow as a person and student
Fanny:Because The United States gives you more opportunities to expand your horizons

2-What is the biggest cultural difference between your country and the United States?

Marcia: My country is a small tropical island in the Caribbean unlike the US which is an advanced developed country. Religion and traditional values still play a major role in our society
FannyI think the biggest cultural difference between my country and the United States is that the United States has more freedom and people is much more open

3-What are the challenges the f1 visa has brought on your journey?

Marcia: Cost was the biggest challenge because I had to travel to another island to obtain the visa which incurred additional costs
FannyBeing an international student in America is definitely not easy, unless you are very rich. International Students can only work on campus and only for 20 hours, but finding a job on campus is not easy because many students like to work on campus since it’s convenient for their school schedule

4-What would you say to future International Students?

Marcia: An education in a global city like New York is rewarding…go for it!
FannyI would suggest that you definitely need to be prepared when coming to America, especially when taking the subway or the bus because transportation is usually delayed or something else may happen

5-How to you cope with homesickness?

Marcia: Communicate with family via social media and receiving edible gifts from home
Fanny:I usually go with friends to restaurants where they cook my home country’s food

6- What is your favorite place in New York City?

Marcia: Central Park
FannyI don’t have any favorite place in New York City, but I would suggest Central Park where you can have a picnic day with your friends

7 What are your hobbies?

Marcia: Crocheting, reading and writing and going to movies

8- What is your favorite restaurant or food?

Marcia: I- Hop
FannySpot Dessert and Max Brenner

10- A quote or a phrase 

Marcia: The Journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step


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