Classes are back and my weeks, crazier than ever.

Well, this week was crazier than usual for me. I went to college, dropped a class  as soon as I saw the new professor (who happened to be my previous professor for another class and I hated her haha), I handed our new college club paperwork to the girl who is the club president, I volunteer at a book bazaar (it was cool!) and I was happy to see that my Physics teacher seems to be an awesome person! ( I am not a big Physics fan!) haha

                     View from college. It always put a smile on my face when I leave night classes 🙂

I think most of you know my boyfriend is Asian. This week I met an Asian guy at college and when we were chatting, I asked him if he was born in NY. He told me that he was born in Korea but that a year after, he moved to Canada. I was like -ok, so you are Asian/Canadian right? and he was like – I’m Canadian.  I still don’t understand why so many Asian-Americans or Asian- Canadians don’t feel pride in their heritage. When I told him my boyfriend was Asian, he seemed surprised and asked me: So… you are into Asian guys, han? I was like… well.. if all Asian guys are like my boyfriend then yes, I am into them! haha he asked me if I only dated Asians and I told him my boyfriend was my first Asian boyfriend and I’ve loved him because who he was! I love smart guys, and if the personality fits with mine, boom! that is it.
This week I also got caught off guard on the way. First, I heard that my cousin’s grandpa (which I also consider a grandpa for me) it was at the E.R .Also, my bf may be moving to Brooklyn and it sucks. Not that I hate Brooklyn, to be honest I don’t even know how it is over there, I’ve only been there a couple times (Prospect Park and two other places I forgot the name) what really sucks is that I live all the way up in Manhattan and the trip will be extremely exhausting. I guess we will have to take turns visiting each other… but I am not really happy with that ldr situation.
Changing topics, I am really excited because today it was the official launch of the Cuny Service Corps Program (Service Corps creates opportunities for students, faculty, and staff at
the University to work on projects that improve the city’s short and
long-term civic, economic and environmental sustainability) after endless interviews with the organizers and companies, I was hired by an awesome and by far (at least for me) the best organization. I will be working for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They only had 4 spots for 4 different departments and my best friend, also made it too.  The ceremony was great, all 6 colleges were there (Around 800 students in total). My college population is of 24000 students and only 108 were in the program ( less than 1% of the students, to be exact 0.4%). I feel so proud, so happy. Sometimes the student visa sucks but these little things make my day. I feel energetic to keep fighting for my ideals and my career!

                                               My beautiful friends Sabrina and Ina and I

                                                                          My badge

Ina and I

(I’m the blond on the back 🙂 )

                                              Leaving the ceremony! So many people ^^

I can’t wait to have a girly day tomorrow (GNL – gym,nails,laundry lol) and maybe smoke some hookah or drink a little bit of Champagne, maybe a little more… and wine… and beer. That is it 🙂
See you next week. XoXo :*



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