Columbus Day! What is it?

Columbus Day or Day of Hispanic Heritage is an international holiday that celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America on 12 October 1492, which is also dedicated this day Our Lady of the Pillar, patroness of Hispanidad. The date is celebrated in all countries of Spanish language and also in the Latin America, where there are large concentrations of Hispanics. The name and own celebrations of this date, however, vary in each of these diverse countries.  

This is a lithograph  showing Christopher Columbus as he departs for
his voyage to the New World. Queen Isabella, his benefactor, is
shown in Royal dress, seen him off at the docks. Columbus’s ships
can be seen in the background. This is truly a dramatic, historic
illustration of this important event.

In Latin America countries, the Hispanic Heritage Day is celebrated on October 12, because this is historically accepted as the start date of ties between Spain and America. In the United States, however, Columbus Day is a movable holiday, celebrated on the second Monday of October and also dedicated to the influence of the Italian culture.

Old cartoon I found to be interesting:


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