My classes and classmates

Hello everyone,

Today I will talk a little bit about my experience in college and the classes I am taking.

This semester I am taking 4 classes: Physics, Speech, Computer Information Systems and Spanish.

Physics – My physics class is probably one of the hardest classes. We meet twice a week; one day is our lecture and the following day is our lab class. On every lab class we have to hand out 2 or 3 papers will all data and calculations from the experiments from that day. Working in groups was easier in my home country, people are very open and talk a lot! In America, I don’t experience the same. For my lab class, we are divided in 6 groups of 5-6 people each since day one. My group is made by me, 3 chinese girls and 1 indian/1 bengali guys. Since the very beginning these girls treat me really poorly, they always try to leave me out of the experiments or do everything by themselves and leave afterwards. I am 110% sure the fact I am white is the ONLY reason they treat me like that. I’ve never treated them poorly and I always try my best to participate as much as I can. Many times I tried to talk to them and NONE of them would even look at my face. I don’t know what is wrong with those girls.

Speech– My speech class is very laid back, but just like any other class, being on time is crucial if you want to get an “A”. Since English is not my first language, speech can be tricky! I am glad that besides our speeches, we have written exams  🙂 My classmates are awesome in this class. I think that is because we are all international students. My college offers two speech classes, the regular one; for Americans, and Speech 102 for non native speakers. I feel comfortable in this class and I think my pronunciation has improved a lot over the past 2 months.

Computer Information Systems– My computer information systems class is very interesting. We meet twice a week for 1h and 40min each section. The best thing about this class is that my professor only takes attendance at the end of the class. I don’t know if I’ve already shared that with you but I waking up early its a little crazy for me haha. The only reason I would ever wake up early is if I am getting paid for it. haha  I only take morning classes when every other class is full. In this class, I can arrive a little late, pick up things quickly and play with Microsoft programs. In this class I only have one friend, she is so nice and I am happy she joined my club (Fashion Club).

Spanish- My Spanish class is a fast paced one. I am glad I have some familiarity with the language, otherwise, I would be totally lost. We meet twice a week for 1h and 30min each section. Every class, my professor hands out AT LEAST 5 papers and she usually email us on weekends with more homework lol It is very crazy. My professor is a lovely lady and she always try to help us in any way she can. Other day, I asked her if she could write a recommendation letter for me ( I was thinking about becoming a Spanish tutor) and she told me she would be happy to help me with anything I needed. As I said, I can speak Spanish but the grammar is more complicated. Although in Portuguese we have the same grammatical rules, the way words are written in Spanish is very different. I am reading/listening to a lot of Spanish stuff and I am glad I am taking this class so I can improve my Spanish and learn new things at the same time. I have no friends in this class 😥 People in this class have a very low energy. My professor needs to try really hard to get them to answer anything she asks. IT IS SO frustrating to see how hard she tries! Sometimes the whole class is basically a conversation between the professor, 2 other students and I. It is very sad the way students treat professors in my college. They crack jokes, laugh in front of them and sometimes have no respect at all. Education is so important! I appreciate the way I was raised and the way my parents taught me I should treat older people, teachers or any person.


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