First "internship", International Week and Black Friday! (November/ December)


as some of you know, I applied and got accepted to a program called “CUNY
Service Corps” which is a program that connect students with governmental
and some non-profit organizations (after a series of interviews), and we get to work with the
organization for two semesters.

was placed at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York! My first day there was Nov
17th. As soon as I arrived to the bank, I couldn’t contain my happiness! And as
soon as I walked in, I saw the other 3 students selected and I felt much more
relaxed. They were dressed up on their suits and it was so cute to see my
friends getting ready for the real world experience! On the first day, we set
up our computers, met our supervisors and we had a lunch-meeting with some of
them. One of the employees gave us a nice presentation about the history and
the role of the Fed in the United States.

that, each of us headed to our own departments and spent the rest of the day
talking and understanding better what it would our roles at the bank.

my department, Digital Communications, we do a whole bunch of cool stuff, such
as videos, info-graphs, animations, video editions, etc. I loved meeting my
”co-workers” (can I call them like that? 🙂 ) and they were all very receptive .

I will only be going there twice a week, for my second day , I was asked to
present some of my artwork for the team, so I combined graphic design, jewelry
design, paintings, websites I created, etc in a PowerPoint and presented to
them in our lunch-meeting.


also participated in one of the activities of my college’s international week.
The international week is basically a week where other countries and cultures
are exposed to Americans. I was happy to be a part of the speech day and I gave
a PowerPoint presentation about my country and I talked a little bit why I
moved to the U.S.

I start to spread my journey to other people, I am happy to announce I am
(trying) to produce a documentary about immigrants in the U.S.A. I got a camera
on black Friday and I can’t wait to start filming all the amazing stories I’ve
heard =) (I just need more time :(( )


is ”an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a
traditional meal including turkey. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival
celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621, and is held in the US on the fourth
Thursday in November. ”

Thanksgiving, I didn’t plan anything specific, so I tried to go to Applebees
with my boyfriend but everything was closed 😦 so we ended up at some random
Mexican restaurant and our meal was HUGE! omg Mexicans know how to eat! haha

Black Friday I got my new camera online on target (NIKON L330) for a super nice
deal! $170.00 (camera + memory card + batteries + case) the regular price is
usually $289.00 just for the camera!!



is a crazy month. That is when finals are approaching and students are
everywhere on campus. It is funny to see how many people go to the library in
desperation lol. I am glad I got really good grades this semester, it will be
easier to get a scholarship or future internships!

December 19th, after all my finals I traveled to my home country for 1 month
(Brazil) and I brought my boyfriend with me! Next post I will talk about our
Brazilian trip and I will post a bunch of cool pics and videos 🙂


Have a great week


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