Trip to Brazil

On December 17th I went to Brazil with my boyfriend (who I refer as R in this post ) to spend a month in my home town. I’ve talked about Maceio before, but I never get tired of talking about it. 🙂 So, this is the town I come from:

This is my little paradise and I feel so relaxed there! 🙂


We took a long flight from NY to Maceio. Unfortunately we couldn’t go on the same flight, and R ended up arriving at 2pm and I arrived at 10PM! (My flight got delayed and it was awful). The trip with layovers (waiting time between airports is usually between 16-18hs).

Bringing my boyfriend to my city it was very interesting. I don’t know if you guys know but Brazil is the biggest catholic country in the world. So we are all very traditional about getting together with families for Christmas celebrations, lunches, etc.

R was raised away from his relatives. He basically spent his whole life with his brother and parents so I knew that for him being to so close to family is not ”that normal” . In Brazil, we drink and party with our family members and that is totally fine. Also, my cousins are basically my best friends and we always hang out together!

2 days after arriving in Brazil, it was R’s birthday, so I ordered a delicious cake and we went to my grandma’s for lunch. After lunch, my family set up a table outside, close to the garden and we surprised him and sang him happy birthday in portuguese! haha 🙂

One day after that, we were back at my grandmother’s house for Christmas. It was also her birthday, so we had a cute little party on the garden for all family members.  (6 pictures)

Truffles/ Brazilian chocolates table (How I miss this table!!! haha)

Table for the Main Dinner before the set up
cousin’s table – R in the middle (on the back: aunt, me, uncle, aunt, grandpa, aunt)

Appetizers table (they were soooo good omg)

 After the party, we went home, slept a lot and the next day, we woke up late (as usual haha). I took R to my favorite Italian restaurant (Massarella) and he absolutely loved it! The garlic bread there is so so so amazing ( I am not being biased – swear! lol) we also ordered file with tagliollini w 4 cheese sauce. All pasta there is handmade.

Two of my best girlfriends flew to Maceio to spend a couple days with me. One of them, arrived on New Years.  For the New Year’s party, we went to the beach with my family, watched the fireworks and started walking around on the streets.

Me and one of my bfs Lu watching the fireworks at the beach!
Maceio’s boardwalk ( yes, those are all people! Soooo many ppl!)

 People in Brazil  just set up tables with the whole family (in front of their apt buildings) and they drink a lot and for the entire night. hahah so we walked, grabbed drinks with strangers and we ended up at a friend of a friend’s rooftop party.




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