Communication jobs in NYC + where to find an internship

Hello friends! 

At the present moment, I am living on a clock, literally. In December I’ll finish my A.S in Multimedia Arts & Design and right after that I am transferring to Baruch to study Corporate Communications. I know it may sound very different but since I started my “internship” at the NY Federal Reserve Bank (like an internship – but not exactly that, as Fed doesn’t pay me –  I get paid by CUNY).  I’ve realized communications is fun and being able to deliver the right message to the general public feels awesome!

I was wondering all jobs available in the market -to be exact, in New York City, because that is where I live 🙂

As I researched, I found out multiple options for Communication/ Corporate Communication Majors!
Hopefully this list with help myself and others in the future. PS: This was my own research on Google using the NY job market as reference. Hopefully you like it!

Corporate Communications Intern – Average of $16.00 (hourly)

Employee communication- $49,000 (year)

Media relations- $64,000 (year)

Investor relations- $72,710 (year)

Corporate advertising- $92,000 (year)

Marketing Manager- $112.000 (year)

Where to look for internships and jobs?

1. LinkedIn: Not only should you use LinkedIn to hunt for internships, you
should build a fleshed-out profile and reach out to everyone you know,
especially professional contacts, on the 12-year-old Mountain View, CA
professional networking site. Get people you’ve worked for to write you
recommendations. Do include volunteer work.

2. : consists of over 57,000 nonprofit and community
organizations in over 180 countries. Numerous opportunities exist for
individuals looking to intern, volunteer, or work in positions that are
involved in giving back and making a difference in the world.

3. : Mediabistro boasts the largest job board in the United
States for media professionals. That, plus topical news and analyses of media
platforms, trends, and popular topics in the market, is what makes this website
an exceptional way to explore internships in media.

4. offers numerous internship listings as well
as a wealth of resources and advice.

5. is the umbrella organization that includes,,, etc. Thousands of
international opportunities can be found for those seeking an experience abroad

6. : includes all the job listings from major job
boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages. Indeed makes it
possible to save searches and have internships/jobs delivered via email alerts
through RSS feeds

7. : This is the official U.S. government web site for college
students that provides an array of internships and the resources that exist for
those interested in interning/working for the U.S. government

8. Simply Hired : Simply Hired is an easy to use site that aggregates job
listings including direct employer websites, staffing and placement firms, job
boards, etc.

9. Glassdoor: Founded in 2007 and based in Sausalito, CA, Glassdoor gets its
internship listings from several sources, including company websites,
partnerships with job boards and directly from employers

See you next week :]

– Liana


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