Visit to ALL CUNY colleges libraries in the summer

 Hi Friends!

How are you? Hopefully summer is treating you well.
So… classes are over! ( kinda of… since a lot of students are taking summer classes… like… me 😛 haha) This summer I am going a lot to campus to apply for programs, participate in things,etc.
I am also taking a class called CED345 which is a ”self-study” internship class ( we don’t have have an actual class on campus, but we have to send weekly updates to our instructor and at the end of the section, we have to hand a 6 page essay with interviews and stuff.) 

Since I have some free time during the week, I’ve decided to go to every single CUNY Library available. I don’t know if you guys know, but if you attend a CUNY college and have a student ID, you can visit other libraries. It is always wise to call them and say that you are a visiting CUNY student and ask them where to get a visitor pass, hours, location etc.
Click HERE to see an interactive map of ALL CUNY LIBRARIES 🙂

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve visited 3 libraries:

1. Baruch Library

I went to Baruch to study for my finals. What a pleasant surprise! this library has 6 floors, laptops for same day use (you can even choose if you want a Macbook or a Dell! haha). As a student visitor, we have to present or CUNY ID to enter the building and inside (I believe in the circulation desk) in order to get a visitor pass, which is good for 48h.

I used a computer on the main level and I was impressed with the cleanliness, with the number of floors and all resources available.

Self – Study stations 🙂

I loved the layout!

2. Guttman Community College

I was walking by Bryant Park when I saw a “CUNY” sign on a building. I went there and I found out it was from Guttman Community College. I showed my ID and I asked the security where the library was located.

Located on the street floor, I walked there and it was so so soooooooo loud and it looked old and dirty! I decided to stay there and explore a little bit. When I asked them for a visitor pass, they didn’t know about it and someone logged in for me.

Since I always bring my headphones, I used them ALL the time and I stayed there for about 2-3 hours listening to lounge music and building excel budget planner charts 🙂 Luckily someone helped me print them and I walk out happy; but it did not sound like an ideal study place.

Ps: I am not sure if they have other floors, I stayed on the street level.

3. New York City College of Technology

Since I am living in Brooklyn now, I found out on google maps that City Tech’s library it was located at a 20 min bus ride from my place. So, I took a bus and I am writing from the library right now. 🙂
As soon as I arrived here, I showed my ID to the security and they told me the library was on the 4th floor. I stopped by the bathroom and it was gross. Old, missing toilet paper and a deep cleaning and renovation!

When I entered the library, I had to stop by a desk and get a ”visitor bar code” which basically is a guess access that allows you to use the computers. The library itself is old and as a guest you are not allowed to print. The access is good for 45 minutes, but at the end of the section, you can add 10 more minutes.

It is good for study (extremely quiet) but old fashioned and the timer on the screen is annoying and distracting. haha

outside of City Tech
Just took this pic from my iPhone 😛

 Next post I will continue with more CUNY libraries visits…

Have a great weekend guys!




One thought on “Visit to ALL CUNY colleges libraries in the summer

  1. Heh, I'm on the same mission. You should definitely check out Brooklyn College sometime soon — hands down the best library I've been to so far. Ooh, and the Graduate Center has such a delightfully academic feel to it; I seriously can't keep away… 🙂 I don't know about you, but I'm really going to miss the lull summer brings to all these libraries — nothing beats the summer hush. Although like you, my headphones are pretty much always in, which may-or-may-not-kind-of-somewhat defeat the purpose. 😀

    Cool blog!


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