Furniture store (waay better than IKEA) in NYC


Hi friends!!

I know it’s hard to find good, affordable furniture stores in NYC for us students. Based on my own experiences, I would like to give you some tips today!

You may have stumbled on FROY when you tried to search for top furniture stores in NYC. When you first visit their website, you may think that, given a student budget, it would be cheaper to buy furniture from other stores until you realize that they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 dollars! Stores like IKEA charge around $100 for shipping alone.

So, I personally bought a queen-size bed (the Myles vinyl white one), but to be honest I loved so many beds that it was hard to decide on a specific one! You can see for yourself: This is how it looked like without the mattress:

And, with the mattress (sorry about the poor picture quality)! I got the duvet cover at Urban Outfitters ($90.00) and the comforter (around $30.00) at Target.

The bed was easy to assemble and I am so happy with the purchase! Now I want to buy all my decorative accents from their store – they are all so cute! If you’re moving and searching for awesome furniture stores in New York City, check out the stores I recommended.

Night everyone, I am going to have nice dreams on my brand new bed!! 😀





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