I am going to Baruch!

Hi blog,

So I’ve been away for a looong time! But, this is my last semester… and I wanted to do 2839712038 things at the same time! From summer to now I’ve been working as:

1- Welcome Ambassador on campus
2- Peer Mentor
3- Assistant to the Director of the CUNY Service Corps program

I was invited to travel twice:
1- Peer Mentors Retreat/ Leadership Training  (I don’t have any pics in this computer )
2- Student Leaders Conference at Hudson Valley

Cool picture we took in front of the resort with our friend’s drone

Oh, and I am the President of a student club called I.M.P.A.C.T! 🙂

As for now, I have 2 on-campus jobs (Peer Mentor and Assistant to the Director of CUNY Service Corps) and I also have to manage all club-related issues! In addition of 3 classes + attending tutoring sessions every week. It seems a little crazy, and it is. haha but, I know it is for a good cause. I can’t imagine myself only taking classes and watching the time passing by (especially in my last semester!)

GOOD NEWS: I was accepted to Baruch college for the next step of my education! As an International Student, finding an affordable college is extremely difficult. We CANNOT get any loan, financial aid, grant, anything. We PAY 2 to 3 times more than a regular student (for ex. at University of Michigan, a resident/ citizen pays for their tuition $14.336 while an International Student pays $43.377! It is absolutely insane and sometimes I ask myself why I am doing that hahah).

Acceptance letter from Baruch =)

At Baruch, my tuition will be $14.ooo! (Paid upfront and with some other fees and stuff 😥 ) Inside the CUNY system Baruch is by far the best college and I am really happy I will have the chance to finish my studies there 🙂

After Baruch, I am going to Columbia University (since anything after Masters is extremely cheap – and there are a lot of scholarships for International Students)

My weekend was super fun! On Friday night I went to Chinatown my my boyfriend and we had their famous lobster with ginger and scallion sauce for dinner! We also went out drinking on a bar close by (they sell $5 beer + shots!! ) since I didn’t eat as much for dinner, I felt pretty dizzy!

On Saturday we went to Chinatown again, ate lobster again lol (but at another restaurant w a delicious pork hong kong style) and we walked around to try to find “mooncakes”. We found a super cheap bakery and we got the mooncake + other pastries. After that, we tried to go to the movies to watch “The martian”…but it was sold out 😦 so we ended up stopping at Best buy and coming back home to watch a documentary about a Chinese “ghost city” called ORDOS which was extremely interesting (I LOVE documentaries SO SO much!!)…

Sunday we woke up late and we ate at a Mediterranean place close by and then we went to Starbucks to work on some marketing stuff. When we were done there, we went to another bar/ coffee shop and we headed home. It was super cold out so we just wanted to come back home.

Now I am ready for a new week! This week is going to be crazy as usual, I have to send $100 for Baruch and my acceptance form; + my sponsor docs and I have to show them I have at least $41000 in my account (that is the minimum required for International Students); I will also have 2 midterms + a meeting with other clubs so we can organize a “hunger banquet” , where basically every club will sponsor it (with anything from $200- $500) and all money collected will go to an organization/cause of our choice – that will prob have to decide on the meeting.

Have a great week everyone! Stay warm!

Selfie in my college bathroom! haha 🙂

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