BARUCH Id and First Week of Classes

3 days before classes I was able to get my ID. It wasn’t as easy as it seems…

As an International Student, we are requiredIMG_1320 to pay our tuition in FULL before the semester starts. That means that I had to have $7000.

I started packing my bags to go back to Brazil ( and I am not even joking! ) and at some point I’ve decided to do the 4 statements payment plan ($1750/ month). I almost went insane to be able to pay for this first statement (with the help of two people who mean everything to me I was able to pay for it) and then, finally got my ID. (In order to get the ID we need to show we’ve paid the tuition or that we are enrolled in the payment plan and we’ve paid the first statment)

So.. here it is! Sorry for the hearts! haha it has my student number, library and something else.

My first week of classes was fantastic.

At Baruch, I am considered a “Junior” (3rd year student) meaning that next year I’ll get my Bachelor’s degree here.

Anyways, so my first week was great. I am taking 4 classes this semester; Business Communication, Intercultural Communication, Spanish II and Public Relations Writing.

I’ll write a brief overview of my classes:

Business Communication: My professor in this class is super Business type. He dresses up really nice and he used to work at KPMG (Accounting firm). This Friday I have to present about a company (I picked IKEA) and I am a little bit scared of his feedback. (but I am sure it will be very helpful)

Intercultural Communication: This is by far my favorite class ever. People from all over the world, my professor is awesome and I am looking forward for more classes!

Spanish II: My professor is from Cuba and she only speaks Spanish, the entire class. It can be really REALLY hard if you don’t speak any other Latin language. Even though I speak Portuguese, sometimes its hard for me to understand what my professor is saying.

Public Relations Writing: This one is very very very extremely challenging. Why? Well, English is not my first language and my professor is a writer and she works on the news too. She even published stuff on NY times before!!

IMG_1295Student Life-> Look at this pic on the left! I love this. They have this calendar at the entrance but it is also helpful to follow all clubs and organizations on social media so you are on top of things! The student life seems to be very active and I haven’t participated in any event (YET) as soon as I do, I’ll post it here. Oh Winter Carnival is tomorrow! YAYYYYYY

Friends-> I haven’t made any friends so far but I know some people by name at this point. One thing I quickly realized at Baruch is the segregation and it makes me sad because I wish people would hang out with all races… I see only white-white, Asian-Asian, black-black and so on.


Next week I’ll come back with other news, I am tired now and typing from Baruch’s library at 10pm!

Have a good week everyone, leave a comment! 🙂






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