Busy and unhealthy, about to collapse!

Hi friends,

Today’s entry is quite depressing for me. For a couple months I’ve been struggling with extremely unhealthy habits and now I NEED to change my lifestyle. I’ve decided to make a list to understand the underlying causes of my eating disorder. Here we go:

  • I don’t cook at home because my kitchen is UN-usable (extremely dirty and dishes and pans are everywhere -thanks roommates! ) I don’t even walk there!
  • Monday to Friday I wake up at 7am, get ready and leave home at 8am for work.
  • I work from 8-2 and I have class from 2:30pm to the end of the day. (I am usually at home around 10pm.)
  • I have 3 different jobs on week mornings and my commute between jobs and college is extremely tiring.
  • I am usually so tired that I end up eating anything I see

I know for a fact that when my living/life situation is better, I feel healthier. When I was living with only other girl (she was also Brazilian) I used to go to trader joes and buy healthy things.. cook and leave it in containers. That period of my life was healthy and happy. Relationship wise, everything was happy too, he was also in a good situation and just trying to figure out some career aspects of his life (which he did by now! 🙂

To be honest, I don’t know how to do a proper diet nor exercise. When I was going to the gym, I was doing the same series over and over again since I had no clue how to do anything else.

At this moment, I have to pay off this semester’s tuition + monthly bills such as rent, cell phone, subway and food. Beginning on Monday, March 28th, I will make a daily menu and I try to follow 100% and insert it on my crazy schedule.

It will be something like that:

9am- eat cereal bar at work

12pm- Lean Cuisine

3pm- Juice

6pm- last meal (Lean cuisine)

See you soon guys!







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