I’ve quit my job at CUNY

Ok. So this happened, again. I am really bad at quitting jobs, I usually get nervous, don’t know what to say or how to act. Anyways, I was working twice a week for a CUNY college and it got extremely crazy because besides having to work at the office, I had to meet with 2 mentees weekly and submit time-sheet and log-sheet every single week.

CUNY pays students a ridiculous salary ($9.85/h before taxes!!!) So, it is basically less than $9 dollars per hour after your taxes are deducted.

I sent a Facebook message to my boss and I told her I was quitting because I am very busy at Baruch, which is true. I am a full time student there and it requires a lot of work! My assignments are extremely long and after finishing it, I have no energy for anything else…

The other 2 jobs I had at CUNY previously I quit in a different manner:

Call center: I went to my boss office and I told her I had to quit to prepare myself for an internship (I got an offer to be a scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank at that time).

Assistant to the Director of the CUNY Service Corps program: I walked into her office and told her that was my last day. (I know it sounds horrible) but a week notice didn’t make sense in this case because the college was going to be closed on the following week… Today I would have done differently.

I also worked as Welcome Ambassador, but this job had a short term contract so I didn’t need to quit. lol but I refused a second offer to work as an Ambassador again.

I feel much lighter and now I freed some hours on my week. Oh! I bought a desk too, so I can study at home 🙂


See you soon,





One thought on “I’ve quit my job at CUNY

  1. Hello Liana,

    I really like your post.
    Currently, I’m an international student at CUNY as well (at BMCC) and I applied for CUNY Service Corps for the next school year.
    I would appreciate if you share with me your experience at CUNY Service Corps and at the Federal Reserve Bank in NY. It would be very helpful since I was aiming that place for my internship.

    Please contact my via email and have a nice day.
    Anna Grzes


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