Resources for CUNY students

Hi there! Today I’m going to give you 5 tips for saving time and MONEY! Since I am a college student myself, I’ve decided to make this list to help you guys too! Enjoy and don’t forget to comment at the end 🙂

1. Download the CunyFirst App.


If you are like me (meaning you always forget your classroom locations haha) you should definitely download the app! Is basically CUNYFirst condensed in the app. Helpful and easy to access it.

2. Use your student ID to buy discounted things.

This semester I got $9 movie tickets at Baruch! (cash only- at the Student Life office)

Here is a short list of places that are currently offering awesome student deals:

Merchant’s House-> $8 dollars for students instead of $13 (reg. price)

Carnegie Hall-> $10 student tickets! With a valid student ID, up to two tickets may be purchased at the Box Office.

Lincoln Center-> Grab your student ID and discover the largest performing arts center in the world. Explore the links to the right to experience world-class music, theater, dance, opera, and film.

MoMa-> Free admission for full-time CUNY Students. 1 ticket per student.

Guggenheim-> Every Saturday, from 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm, visitors can pay what they wish for admission.



Jersey Boys -> Student Rush: $27 – a limited number of student tickets available at the box office on the day of the performance beginning at 10 AM. Two kinds of photo ID must be shown: a non-expired full time student ID, as well as a government issued photo ID, drivers license or passport. Limit 2 tickets per person per 30 day period. Tickets are subject to availability and may not be offered at all performances. Locations may be partial view. Cash only.

The King and I-> Student Rush: $32 – Lincoln Center Theater offers student rush tickets beginning two hours before a performance at the box office. Limit 1 per person. Must show a valid college/university ID. Tickets are subject to availability and may not be offered at all performances. Cash or credit card accepted. Price includes $2 LCT facility fee.

Please note: ‘The King and I’ frequently does not offer student rush tickets. Inquire at the box office.

She Loves Me
Student Rush: a limited number of half-price seats sold a half hour before curtain. They are subject to availability and limited to 1 per person with a valid student ID. Cash or credit card.

If you look around, there are sooo many places that offers discounted tickets for students! A good strategy is to ALWAYS ask “Do you offer discounted tickets for students?” You’ll be impressed to see how many places actually do that!


3. Maximize your tuition money

If you are an international student like me and pay $7000 out of your pocket every semester, you should really enjoy every single thing the tuition can offer.


  • Free on campus events and club meetings that offer free food
  • Free workshops and courses
  • Borrow as many books as you can
  • If your campus offer laptops, borrow a laptop too! (Even if you already have one)
  • Apply for summer study/work abroad and for grants to pay for it
  • Use up all the printing credit if your college has one (at Baruch, we have $100 printing credit and I have no clue how I’m going to spend the remaining $60, but I will. Haha)
  • Talk to people, network
  • If you have time, be active on a student club or organization

4. Use student services located on campus!

-If you have a headache, cramp or just want to grab some contraceptive stuff, stop by at the Health Services.

– Stop by at the career center if you need a job, most of the time is useless but you can always get lucky!

– Talk to a Consulor. You don’t need to have a problem to talk to one. It’s always good to have someone to talk to! If you are nervous about exams or just want to talk about your relationships, past or future, stop there!

– Work out on campus! It’s FREE! Gyms in Manhattan tend to be expensive, so why not work out on campus? By doing that, you can save anything from $70-1000 per semester (depending the gym in the city)

5. Take advantage of every single opportunity. Companies love us! (students) because we are naïve, young and full of energy.

It’s way easier to find a job while in college. They want to “fish” you while you are still young so you can stay in their company forever! Haha

Thats it for today! Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂



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