Hey guys, how are you doing this week?

So, last week was Spring Break  and I traveled to Washington D.C with my boyfriend. Spring break is interesting because wenare supposed to “relax” but usually our professors assign us a lot of homework 😥

As you probably know by now, I am extremely cheap (as known as a “poor f1 student”). In this post I’m going to explain you:

1- How I planned the 3-day trip on a $200 budget 2-How I save money/ get deals when I travel3-How I manage to do all my homework + enjoy my free time

ps: I may not write in this order, but comment at the end or send me an email if I miss anything!

Ok, so first, this is how I planned my trip:

I only had $200 dollars and a desire to come back to D.C. I’ve been there 3 times and every single one of them was super quick. The first time was a crazy one day trip from NYC  leaving in the morning and coming back at night (never again in my life). The second time, I went with my boyfriend and got sick on the bus and ended up staying at the hotel the entire time. The third time, I went there for 24 hours with the debate team and I spent the entire day at a college. So I thought: Maybe its time to go back to D.C! I left on Monday around 9am and left D.C on Wednesday around 8pm

Transportation-> I bought the bus tickets at BoltBus and MegaBus-> I paid around $13 each way ($26 total)

Hotel-> I stayed at a hotel called Days Inn in Arlington, VA (which is about 10min from D.C) and paid $232 for 2 nights (since I went with my bf, this price was divided by 2 = $116 each)

Food-> All breakfasts were included on the hotel stay and I’ll tell you below where we went for lunch and dinner


MONDAY– As soon as we arrived in D.C we took an Uber pool and went straight to the hotel to take a shower and nap (since we couldn’t sleep well in the bus).

Dinner-> We went to Buca di Beppo (Italian restaurant with family style meals), the dinner came out around $13.00 for each and after it we went to a happy hour on the rooftop of the W hotel. (got a drink for $13 I believe)


TUESDAY– On Tuesday I woke up super early and my bf slept a little longer. We ate breakfast at hotel and when we were both ready we went to a noodle restaurant for lunch special. Oh! We checked in on yelp to get a free appetizer. 🙂
After eating lunch, we headed to the Smithsonian Air & Space museum afterwards (free).

Since we wanted to watch something or ride on something, we decided to buy discounted tickets for an IMax movie at the museum- Don’t forget to use those pamphlets that they put on display in hotels, they have discounts! The one I got had a $2 discount, so we paid $7.00 each for the ticket.

After the movie, we took an Uber to another rooftop for Happy hour (of course! haha) The rooftop was very casual and nice. I felt really happy being there watching the sunset and wearing my all-stars!

After the happy hour, I goggled a bar with live music and I found this piano bar, so we went there. We ended up being inside this huge group of medical students from Georgetown. Apparently we were the only ones who were not medical students! haha We talked to some of them and had so much fun that night!

After the piano bar, we walked to a Chinese take out (super overpriced btw) and came back to the hotel with Uber pool as usual.


WEDNESDAY– Since Wednesday was our last day in D.C, we had to leave the hotel with our belongings. When I travel, I like to travel light (meaning I hate carrying a bunch of stuff). I took my backpack and my bf took his bag and we took a free shuttle from the hotel to some other neighborhood 10 min away.

We had lunch at some cool-quick lunch place with build-your-own noodle thing.

After lunch, we took Uber to Smithsonian (again hahah) but we went to the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery one! Since they have lockers (PERFECT for small bags!!!), we put everything in there and explored the F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C exhibit on the Ming’s Dinasty Poetry, painting, and calligraphy, called “Painting with Words: Gentleman Artists of the Ming Dynasty”. After that, we walked to the National Museum of African Art (right across the street)




CUNY Spring Break: Travelling on a $200 budget!

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