Midterms and Halloween

Hi everyone!

If you are curious about midterms in America, this is the perfect post. The past weeks have been insane. Back in my home country we had a relatively easy grading system. We had 1 midterm and 1 final. That is it. In the United States however, is a little bit different.

Most of my classes have a grading system broken down in attendance, homework, quizzes, midterm, final and so on.

You can imagine all the anxiety we experience when midterms are coming up! If we get a bad grade, a good portion of our final grade will be affected. Here at Baruch the library is open 24 hours for midterm weeks.Students literally sleep over (or take naps to be realistic) while studying alone or with friends (Check out the available study rooms right here).

My first midterm (advanced English literature) was great, I didn’t get 100 but I was able to get 96. I was a little bit sad because I knew have I worked a little bit harder I would get 100. But it was still pretty good šŸ™‚

My second Business midterm was not as good. This class has a C average and I would never accept a grade like that. Good thing for this class we have 4 exams and the lowest grade get dropped. I have to make sure to study as much as I can to try to get a perfect grade for this one.

My third midterm was a book review. We could choose any social movement and pick a book about it. I picked the Civil Rights Movements and I chose a book that talks about the desegregation of the University of Alabama. (I haven’t got my grade yet)

My fourth midterm was to create a blog and besides creating a blog post for every single class and posting pictures/ related materials, we also had to read a book about the presence of the Dutch in Old Manhattan and also create a post with the book review. (I haven’t got my grade yet)

My fifth midterm was for another Business class. We had to do a bunch of excel homework and we also had to create a presentation about the company we are talking about for the semester (in my case, my group is analyzing NIKE). (I still haven’t got my grade yet)

As you can see, there are a lot of micromanagement while taking multiple classes in college. My tip for that is to create an organized and detailed plan as soon as the semester starts. I always create a Microsoft Word calendar (you can download calendar templates for word on the own program) and I also keep reminders on my phone to keep me updated of my responsibilities.

Do students in America have any free time? Of course we do! šŸ™‚ Living in New York City can be insane but it is rewarding as well. We have so many cultural activities that we only stay home if we really want to.

Last weekend for example, NY was full of Halloween parties! On Friday night I found a costume I bought 5 years ago and I went out to try to find some party. I found this bar close to my apt and it was so so so much fun! I love to see how creative New Yorkers can be when it comes to Halloween. I came back home in the morning and I had a great night dancing and observing others’ costumes!

Sunday is a chill/study day usually. After eating lunch, I went to my college’s library and I study until around 7pm. I love going to the library on weekends because there are not too many students and I am able to concentrate more.

I have to go now.. the week has started and I need to study !

See you guys soon!



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