I’ve quit my job at CUNY

Ok. So this happened, again. I am really bad at quitting jobs, I usually get nervous, don’t know what to say or how to act. Anyways, I was working twice a week for a CUNY college and it got extremely crazy because besides having to work at the office, I had to meet with 2 mentees weekly and submit time-sheet and log-sheet every single week.

CUNY pays students a ridiculous salary ($9.85/h before taxes!!!) So, it is basically less than $9 dollars per hour after your taxes are deducted.

I sent a Facebook message to my boss and I told her I was quitting because I am very busy at Baruch, which is true. I am a full time student there and it requires a lot of work! My assignments are extremely long and after finishing it, I have no energy for anything else…

The other 2 jobs I had at CUNY previously I quit in a different manner:

Call center: I went to my boss office and I told her I had to quit to prepare myself for an internship (I got an offer to be a scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank at that time).

Assistant to the Director of the CUNY Service Corps program: I walked into her office and told her that was my last day. (I know it sounds horrible) but a week notice didn’t make sense in this case because the college was going to be closed on the following week… Today I would have done differently.

I also worked as Welcome Ambassador, but this job had a short term contract so I didn’t need to quit. lol but I refused a second offer to work as an Ambassador again.

I feel much lighter and now I freed some hours on my week. Oh! I bought a desk too, so I can study at home 🙂


See you soon,





Busy and unhealthy, about to collapse!

Hi friends,

Today’s entry is quite depressing for me. For a couple months I’ve been struggling with extremely unhealthy habits and now I NEED to change my lifestyle. I’ve decided to make a list to understand the underlying causes of my eating disorder. Here we go:

  • I don’t cook at home because my kitchen is UN-usable (extremely dirty and dishes and pans are everywhere -thanks roommates! ) I don’t even walk there!
  • Monday to Friday I wake up at 7am, get ready and leave home at 8am for work.
  • I work from 8-2 and I have class from 2:30pm to the end of the day. (I am usually at home around 10pm.)
  • I have 3 different jobs on week mornings and my commute between jobs and college is extremely tiring.
  • I am usually so tired that I end up eating anything I see

I know for a fact that when my living/life situation is better, I feel healthier. When I was living with only other girl (she was also Brazilian) I used to go to trader joes and buy healthy things.. cook and leave it in containers. That period of my life was healthy and happy. Relationship wise, everything was happy too, he was also in a good situation and just trying to figure out some career aspects of his life (which he did by now! 🙂

To be honest, I don’t know how to do a proper diet nor exercise. When I was going to the gym, I was doing the same series over and over again since I had no clue how to do anything else.

At this moment, I have to pay off this semester’s tuition + monthly bills such as rent, cell phone, subway and food. Beginning on Monday, March 28th, I will make a daily menu and I try to follow 100% and insert it on my crazy schedule.

It will be something like that:

9am- eat cereal bar at work

12pm- Lean Cuisine

3pm- Juice

6pm- last meal (Lean cuisine)

See you soon guys!






BARUCH Id and First Week of Classes

3 days before classes I was able to get my ID. It wasn’t as easy as it seems…

As an International Student, we are requiredIMG_1320 to pay our tuition in FULL before the semester starts. That means that I had to have $7000.

I started packing my bags to go back to Brazil ( and I am not even joking! ) and at some point I’ve decided to do the 4 statements payment plan ($1750/ month). I almost went insane to be able to pay for this first statement (with the help of two people who mean everything to me I was able to pay for it) and then, finally got my ID. (In order to get the ID we need to show we’ve paid the tuition or that we are enrolled in the payment plan and we’ve paid the first statment)

So.. here it is! Sorry for the hearts! haha it has my student number, library and something else.

My first week of classes was fantastic.

At Baruch, I am considered a “Junior” (3rd year student) meaning that next year I’ll get my Bachelor’s degree here.

Anyways, so my first week was great. I am taking 4 classes this semester; Business Communication, Intercultural Communication, Spanish II and Public Relations Writing.

I’ll write a brief overview of my classes:

Business Communication: My professor in this class is super Business type. He dresses up really nice and he used to work at KPMG (Accounting firm). This Friday I have to present about a company (I picked IKEA) and I am a little bit scared of his feedback. (but I am sure it will be very helpful)

Intercultural Communication: This is by far my favorite class ever. People from all over the world, my professor is awesome and I am looking forward for more classes!

Spanish II: My professor is from Cuba and she only speaks Spanish, the entire class. It can be really REALLY hard if you don’t speak any other Latin language. Even though I speak Portuguese, sometimes its hard for me to understand what my professor is saying.

Public Relations Writing: This one is very very very extremely challenging. Why? Well, English is not my first language and my professor is a writer and she works on the news too. She even published stuff on NY times before!!

IMG_1295Student Life-> Look at this pic on the left! I love this. They have this calendar at the entrance but it is also helpful to follow all clubs and organizations on social media so you are on top of things! The student life seems to be very active and I haven’t participated in any event (YET) as soon as I do, I’ll post it here. Oh Winter Carnival is tomorrow! YAYYYYYY

Friends-> I haven’t made any friends so far but I know some people by name at this point. One thing I quickly realized at Baruch is the segregation and it makes me sad because I wish people would hang out with all races… I see only white-white, Asian-Asian, black-black and so on.


Next week I’ll come back with other news, I am tired now and typing from Baruch’s library at 10pm!

Have a good week everyone, leave a comment! 🙂






 Hey people, I just made a list to help you AVOID scams in New York City! I took some of them from other sources and they are all cited at the end of the post 🙂 hopefully you enjoy!

 2 rules for smart tourists:

– DO NOT take ANYTHING that anyone is trying to hand you on the street.


(they memorize a couple phrases to get their ”targets” attention)

As someone said in a website: “Don’t accept CDs, prayer cards, or pose for photographs with any of the
costumed characters. This is not Disneyland, this is New York City. I
would think it would be common sense among people, even tourists, to not
accept ‘free’ gifts from complete strangers. It will cost you.”


1- Times Square cartoon characters

As soon as you take a picture with them, they start screaming: “TIPS! TIPS! MONEY! MONEY!”

They are mostly immigrants who stand at Times Square for hours hunting for tourists and playing cool…until you are done taking your pictures. They will chase and scream at you if you don’t tip! Most of them are not even happy with a dollar; they demand $5, $10…

2- Sneaky Hot Dog Salesmen

Most street food carts
are a fine way to snag a quick meal on the cheap. Some falafel, taco,
and chicken-and-rice carts even maintain a devout local following (check
out the finalists of the 2009 “Vendy Awards“).
But not all can be trusted. Beware carts that don’t post their prices.
If anyone tries to bully you into a $3 hotdog, look appalled and walk
away. In many cases, the vender will then drop the price down to normal
“just for you.”

3- Subway car performers

Some of these scam artists will insist for money and if you do not look up, they will yell at you, say you have no love, no compassion and bla bla. A lot of children work inside the subway cars and I am pretty sure there is a whole structure behind of it! ( meaning adults trying to rip people off using kids dancing in the subway car)

 “These groups of kids get on the train, blast really obnoxiously loud
noise (I won’t call it music, as it’s really just random beats, no discernible song), and then they beg for money. It’s really obnoxious,
really loud, as far as I can tell just serves to piss people off.
Busking is one thing, with hard work and talent, but this seems to
really just be harassment.”

4- Basketball team scam

“Excuse me. Sorry to bother you sir. I’m out here trying to raise
money to buy jerseys for my basketball team. Right now we only need
[20-40] dollars. Would you be kind enough to help?” At this point, the
teenager shows you his or her clipboard filled with text that you’re
never going to read about said scammer’s basketball team. You feel so
bad (“how are they going to play without jerseys?!”) that you hand over
$10, an act of charity that enhances your morale until the next day,
when you hear the same exact speech from another stranger. This scam
became so redundant that teenagers selling candy now often begin their
pitch with “I’m not raising money for no basketball team.” Finally, some
truth in this city!

5- Word Trade Center ”book with pictures of the tragedy” sold by a lot of scammers in front of the memorial

A looooot of people stand there trying to sell ”books” with the tragedy’s pictures. I have a problem with people
making money on the 9/11 events, while the families, and those who helped
at the site are still hurting; these SCAM artists are ripping people off with their stupid books.

6- FREE Comedy shows

 ”The pests of New York City are notorious. Sewer rats, pigeons
(“flying rats”), squirrels (“rats with cuter outfits”), bed bugs,
cockroaches,  and the guys who sell comedy tickets in Times Square.
Tourists fall for their crafty sales pitches, locals avoid them, I fell
for one’s charm and good looks.

Like bed bugs in a street curb sofa, they infest the area, preying on
all those they come in contact with. A walk on Broadway from 42nd
Street to 50th guarantees multiple accostings:  “Do you like stand up
comedy?” “Want to be part of a taping of a live show?” “What are you
doing tonight?” At best they are obnoxious, at worst aggressive to the
point where you buy a ticket just so they leave you alone. That’s
probably how they make half of their money. The other half comes from
sales made by promises of headliners who never show and exorbitant drink
minimums they neglect to mention.”

7- CD Scams

The CD scam is a relatively recent one that takes place in the crowded
streets of Times Square in New York City. Someone will come up to you
and hand you their CD. Almost instantly, he will accuse you of not
paying for it and a few of his friends will come around to make sure
that you do. To protect yourself against this, try to avoid taking the
CD or lay it on the ground if you do.

8- The MetroCard scam

New Yorkers know not to buy a MetroCard from anyone who isn’t an MTA
employee or machine. In fact, it’s illegal to sell them if you don’t
work for the Transit Authority. But tourists — who are easy enough to
spot — are frequently propositioned with cards of little or no value by
scammers who use intimidation to exploit the wide-eyed, sheepish
newbies and visitors into buying “discounted” cards for more than
they’re worth. Why? Because it works! Take a guy like John Jones,
for instance. The Bronx man claims he’s made as much as $20,000 in a
year selling cards he found on the street and in stations, all of which
have some leftover value on them. The MTA has acknowledged that lost or
unused MetroCards can account for as much as $52 million in revenue a year.
And they enacted a $1 replacement fee for cards in 2011, and now earn
$20 million a year from that. They’re getting your money regardless. So
maybe it’s the MTA we should be mad at for running a system that makes
the scam so easy. Guys like John Jones are just driving a truck — or,
more accurately, a train — through a loophole of the MTA’s making.

9- The “Money First, Keys Later” Scam

Steer clear of New York Craigslist apartment ads that, in a
nutshell, say money first and keys later. Are you a slightly naive
newcomer to the city of dreams? Have you heard friends tell you how
lucky they were to get apartments at miraculous deals off Craigslist?
Despite your misgivings, you give the ad site a go, reaching out to
owners of all the apartments and/or rooms you fancy. Some responses are
outright fishy. Others are more intricate in their guile, like the
elderly couple retiring in London and asking for $700 a month for a
furnished one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side, eloquently
stressing how long they’ve lived in it and the qualities of the tenant
they’re looking for. But ultimately the con is the same: out-of-town
apartment owners — at a new job in Indiana or retiring overseas — who
want you to take care of the apartment while they are away;
unfortunately, they left with the keys to the apartment because they
couldn’t find a buyer in time. How will you view the apartment? You can
“stop by the building to have a look at its surrounding.” S/he or they
will not let you access the apartment until you’ve signed a lease
agreement and paid the first month’s rent. This is sure to set off alarm
bells in some heads, so for the skeptics, the confolk add twists. They
are not asking for rent or a deposit, just the insured cost of shipping
the keys. The FTC says to be wary of rental agents
or apartment owners who say they are out of the country and tell you to
wire money or sign an agreement before you’ve met. As a rule of thumb
to apartment hunting in NYC, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.








Visit to ALL CUNY colleges libraries in the summer

 Hi Friends!

How are you? Hopefully summer is treating you well.
So… classes are over! ( kinda of… since a lot of students are taking summer classes… like… me 😛 haha) This summer I am going a lot to campus to apply for programs, participate in things,etc.
I am also taking a class called CED345 which is a ”self-study” internship class ( we don’t have have an actual class on campus, but we have to send weekly updates to our instructor and at the end of the section, we have to hand a 6 page essay with interviews and stuff.) 

Since I have some free time during the week, I’ve decided to go to every single CUNY Library available. I don’t know if you guys know, but if you attend a CUNY college and have a student ID, you can visit other libraries. It is always wise to call them and say that you are a visiting CUNY student and ask them where to get a visitor pass, hours, location etc.
Click HERE to see an interactive map of ALL CUNY LIBRARIES 🙂

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve visited 3 libraries:

1. Baruch Library

I went to Baruch to study for my finals. What a pleasant surprise! this library has 6 floors, laptops for same day use (you can even choose if you want a Macbook or a Dell! haha). As a student visitor, we have to present or CUNY ID to enter the building and inside (I believe in the circulation desk) in order to get a visitor pass, which is good for 48h.

I used a computer on the main level and I was impressed with the cleanliness, with the number of floors and all resources available.

Self – Study stations 🙂

I loved the layout!

2. Guttman Community College

I was walking by Bryant Park when I saw a “CUNY” sign on a building. I went there and I found out it was from Guttman Community College. I showed my ID and I asked the security where the library was located.

Located on the street floor, I walked there and it was so so soooooooo loud and it looked old and dirty! I decided to stay there and explore a little bit. When I asked them for a visitor pass, they didn’t know about it and someone logged in for me.

Since I always bring my headphones, I used them ALL the time and I stayed there for about 2-3 hours listening to lounge music and building excel budget planner charts 🙂 Luckily someone helped me print them and I walk out happy; but it did not sound like an ideal study place.

Ps: I am not sure if they have other floors, I stayed on the street level.

3. New York City College of Technology

Since I am living in Brooklyn now, I found out on google maps that City Tech’s library it was located at a 20 min bus ride from my place. So, I took a bus and I am writing from the library right now. 🙂
As soon as I arrived here, I showed my ID to the security and they told me the library was on the 4th floor. I stopped by the bathroom and it was gross. Old, missing toilet paper and a deep cleaning and renovation!

When I entered the library, I had to stop by a desk and get a ”visitor bar code” which basically is a guess access that allows you to use the computers. The library itself is old and as a guest you are not allowed to print. The access is good for 45 minutes, but at the end of the section, you can add 10 more minutes.

It is good for study (extremely quiet) but old fashioned and the timer on the screen is annoying and distracting. haha

outside of City Tech
Just took this pic from my iPhone 😛

 Next post I will continue with more CUNY libraries visits…

Have a great weekend guys!



Communication jobs in NYC + where to find an internship

Hello friends! 

At the present moment, I am living on a clock, literally. In December I’ll finish my A.S in Multimedia Arts & Design and right after that I am transferring to Baruch to study Corporate Communications. I know it may sound very different but since I started my “internship” at the NY Federal Reserve Bank (like an internship – but not exactly that, as Fed doesn’t pay me –  I get paid by CUNY).  I’ve realized communications is fun and being able to deliver the right message to the general public feels awesome!

I was wondering all jobs available in the market -to be exact, in New York City, because that is where I live 🙂

As I researched, I found out multiple options for Communication/ Corporate Communication Majors!
Hopefully this list with help myself and others in the future. PS: This was my own research on Google using the NY job market as reference. Hopefully you like it!

Corporate Communications Intern – Average of $16.00 (hourly)

Employee communication- $49,000 (year)

Media relations- $64,000 (year)

Investor relations- $72,710 (year)

Corporate advertising- $92,000 (year)

Marketing Manager- $112.000 (year)

Where to look for internships and jobs?

1. LinkedIn: Not only should you use LinkedIn to hunt for internships, you
should build a fleshed-out profile and reach out to everyone you know,
especially professional contacts, on the 12-year-old Mountain View, CA
professional networking site. Get people you’ve worked for to write you
recommendations. Do include volunteer work.

2. Idealist.org : Idealist.org consists of over 57,000 nonprofit and community
organizations in over 180 countries. Numerous opportunities exist for
individuals looking to intern, volunteer, or work in positions that are
involved in giving back and making a difference in the world.

3. Mediabistro.com : Mediabistro boasts the largest job board in the United
States for media professionals. That, plus topical news and analyses of media
platforms, trends, and popular topics in the market, is what makes this website
an exceptional way to explore internships in media.

4. Experience.com: Experience.com offers numerous internship listings as well
as a wealth of resources and advice.

5. GoAbroad.com: GoAbroad.com is the umbrella organization that includes
StudyAbroad.com, InternAbroad.com, VolunteerAbroad.com, etc. Thousands of
international opportunities can be found for those seeking an experience abroad

6. Indeed.com : Indeed.com includes all the job listings from major job
boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages. Indeed makes it
possible to save searches and have internships/jobs delivered via email alerts
through RSS feeds

7. Students.gov : This is the official U.S. government web site for college
students that provides an array of internships and the resources that exist for
those interested in interning/working for the U.S. government

8. Simply Hired : Simply Hired is an easy to use site that aggregates job
listings including direct employer websites, staffing and placement firms, job
boards, etc.

9. Glassdoor: Founded in 2007 and based in Sausalito, CA, Glassdoor gets its
internship listings from several sources, including company websites,
partnerships with job boards and directly from employers

See you next week :]

– Liana

Trip to Brazil

On December 17th I went to Brazil with my boyfriend (who I refer as R in this post ) to spend a month in my home town. I’ve talked about Maceio before, but I never get tired of talking about it. 🙂 So, this is the town I come from:

This is my little paradise and I feel so relaxed there! 🙂


We took a long flight from NY to Maceio. Unfortunately we couldn’t go on the same flight, and R ended up arriving at 2pm and I arrived at 10PM! (My flight got delayed and it was awful). The trip with layovers (waiting time between airports is usually between 16-18hs).

Bringing my boyfriend to my city it was very interesting. I don’t know if you guys know but Brazil is the biggest catholic country in the world. So we are all very traditional about getting together with families for Christmas celebrations, lunches, etc.

R was raised away from his relatives. He basically spent his whole life with his brother and parents so I knew that for him being to so close to family is not ”that normal” . In Brazil, we drink and party with our family members and that is totally fine. Also, my cousins are basically my best friends and we always hang out together!

2 days after arriving in Brazil, it was R’s birthday, so I ordered a delicious cake and we went to my grandma’s for lunch. After lunch, my family set up a table outside, close to the garden and we surprised him and sang him happy birthday in portuguese! haha 🙂

One day after that, we were back at my grandmother’s house for Christmas. It was also her birthday, so we had a cute little party on the garden for all family members.  (6 pictures)

Truffles/ Brazilian chocolates table (How I miss this table!!! haha)

Table for the Main Dinner before the set up
cousin’s table – R in the middle (on the back: aunt, me, uncle, aunt, grandpa, aunt)

Appetizers table (they were soooo good omg)

 After the party, we went home, slept a lot and the next day, we woke up late (as usual haha). I took R to my favorite Italian restaurant (Massarella) and he absolutely loved it! The garlic bread there is so so so amazing ( I am not being biased – swear! lol) we also ordered file with tagliollini w 4 cheese sauce. All pasta there is handmade.

Two of my best girlfriends flew to Maceio to spend a couple days with me. One of them, arrived on New Years.  For the New Year’s party, we went to the beach with my family, watched the fireworks and started walking around on the streets.

Me and one of my bfs Lu watching the fireworks at the beach!
Maceio’s boardwalk ( yes, those are all people! Soooo many ppl!)

 People in Brazil  just set up tables with the whole family (in front of their apt buildings) and they drink a lot and for the entire night. hahah so we walked, grabbed drinks with strangers and we ended up at a friend of a friend’s rooftop party.



First "internship", International Week and Black Friday! (November/ December)


as some of you know, I applied and got accepted to a program called “CUNY
Service Corps” which is a program that connect students with governmental
and some non-profit organizations (after a series of interviews), and we get to work with the
organization for two semesters.

was placed at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York! My first day there was Nov
17th. As soon as I arrived to the bank, I couldn’t contain my happiness! And as
soon as I walked in, I saw the other 3 students selected and I felt much more
relaxed. They were dressed up on their suits and it was so cute to see my
friends getting ready for the real world experience! On the first day, we set
up our computers, met our supervisors and we had a lunch-meeting with some of
them. One of the employees gave us a nice presentation about the history and
the role of the Fed in the United States.

that, each of us headed to our own departments and spent the rest of the day
talking and understanding better what it would our roles at the bank.

my department, Digital Communications, we do a whole bunch of cool stuff, such
as videos, info-graphs, animations, video editions, etc. I loved meeting my
”co-workers” (can I call them like that? 🙂 ) and they were all very receptive .

I will only be going there twice a week, for my second day , I was asked to
present some of my artwork for the team, so I combined graphic design, jewelry
design, paintings, websites I created, etc in a PowerPoint and presented to
them in our lunch-meeting.


also participated in one of the activities of my college’s international week.
The international week is basically a week where other countries and cultures
are exposed to Americans. I was happy to be a part of the speech day and I gave
a PowerPoint presentation about my country and I talked a little bit why I
moved to the U.S.

I start to spread my journey to other people, I am happy to announce I am
(trying) to produce a documentary about immigrants in the U.S.A. I got a camera
on black Friday and I can’t wait to start filming all the amazing stories I’ve
heard =) (I just need more time :(( )


is ”an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a
traditional meal including turkey. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival
celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621, and is held in the US on the fourth
Thursday in November. ”

Thanksgiving, I didn’t plan anything specific, so I tried to go to Applebees
with my boyfriend but everything was closed 😦 so we ended up at some random
Mexican restaurant and our meal was HUGE! omg Mexicans know how to eat! haha

Black Friday I got my new camera online on target (NIKON L330) for a super nice
deal! $170.00 (camera + memory card + batteries + case) the regular price is
usually $289.00 just for the camera!!



is a crazy month. That is when finals are approaching and students are
everywhere on campus. It is funny to see how many people go to the library in
desperation lol. I am glad I got really good grades this semester, it will be
easier to get a scholarship or future internships!

December 19th, after all my finals I traveled to my home country for 1 month
(Brazil) and I brought my boyfriend with me! Next post I will talk about our
Brazilian trip and I will post a bunch of cool pics and videos 🙂


Have a great week


My classes and classmates

Hello everyone,

Today I will talk a little bit about my experience in college and the classes I am taking.

This semester I am taking 4 classes: Physics, Speech, Computer Information Systems and Spanish.

Physics – My physics class is probably one of the hardest classes. We meet twice a week; one day is our lecture and the following day is our lab class. On every lab class we have to hand out 2 or 3 papers will all data and calculations from the experiments from that day. Working in groups was easier in my home country, people are very open and talk a lot! In America, I don’t experience the same. For my lab class, we are divided in 6 groups of 5-6 people each since day one. My group is made by me, 3 chinese girls and 1 indian/1 bengali guys. Since the very beginning these girls treat me really poorly, they always try to leave me out of the experiments or do everything by themselves and leave afterwards. I am 110% sure the fact I am white is the ONLY reason they treat me like that. I’ve never treated them poorly and I always try my best to participate as much as I can. Many times I tried to talk to them and NONE of them would even look at my face. I don’t know what is wrong with those girls.

Speech– My speech class is very laid back, but just like any other class, being on time is crucial if you want to get an “A”. Since English is not my first language, speech can be tricky! I am glad that besides our speeches, we have written exams  🙂 My classmates are awesome in this class. I think that is because we are all international students. My college offers two speech classes, the regular one; for Americans, and Speech 102 for non native speakers. I feel comfortable in this class and I think my pronunciation has improved a lot over the past 2 months.

Computer Information Systems– My computer information systems class is very interesting. We meet twice a week for 1h and 40min each section. The best thing about this class is that my professor only takes attendance at the end of the class. I don’t know if I’ve already shared that with you but I waking up early its a little crazy for me haha. The only reason I would ever wake up early is if I am getting paid for it. haha  I only take morning classes when every other class is full. In this class, I can arrive a little late, pick up things quickly and play with Microsoft programs. In this class I only have one friend, she is so nice and I am happy she joined my club (Fashion Club).

Spanish- My Spanish class is a fast paced one. I am glad I have some familiarity with the language, otherwise, I would be totally lost. We meet twice a week for 1h and 30min each section. Every class, my professor hands out AT LEAST 5 papers and she usually email us on weekends with more homework lol It is very crazy. My professor is a lovely lady and she always try to help us in any way she can. Other day, I asked her if she could write a recommendation letter for me ( I was thinking about becoming a Spanish tutor) and she told me she would be happy to help me with anything I needed. As I said, I can speak Spanish but the grammar is more complicated. Although in Portuguese we have the same grammatical rules, the way words are written in Spanish is very different. I am reading/listening to a lot of Spanish stuff and I am glad I am taking this class so I can improve my Spanish and learn new things at the same time. I have no friends in this class 😥 People in this class have a very low energy. My professor needs to try really hard to get them to answer anything she asks. IT IS SO frustrating to see how hard she tries! Sometimes the whole class is basically a conversation between the professor, 2 other students and I. It is very sad the way students treat professors in my college. They crack jokes, laugh in front of them and sometimes have no respect at all. Education is so important! I appreciate the way I was raised and the way my parents taught me I should treat older people, teachers or any person.

New York clubs and nightlife

Hello people!

I’ve been trying to write  about the differences between NYC and Brazilian nightclubs, but with my crazy weeks, it was very difficult to stop and dedicate some time to my blog :(  
Now, I have 2 hours between classes, so, here we go. 🙂

 I will start writing about the first club I’ve been to, exactly 4 years ago. One of the girls I met during my monthly meetings (thought the exchange program I came with) convinced me that nightclubs in NY were the best thing in this world and we needed to go as soon as possible!

 One day I finally decided to go to this club. The club it was calledWebster Hall and my experience was somewhat embarrassing, not to say comic.

As soon as we got there, there was a large line on the sidewalk and just by looking at it I was already angry! lol (Besides waking up early the second thing I hate the most is definitely lines) Buuuut, okay, I had to enjoy that moment. As soon as we walked towards the line, a security guy came to us and and asked for our Ids. (In the USA, you have to be 21 years and older to drink / Some clubs allow guests under 21 but put a different stamp on your hand, which means you can not drink)  

He then, after checking it, asked us to accompany him. At that moment I was confused. Why were we the only ones following him? And everyone else was still waiting on the line? Here in NYC, security guards and promoters choose who they let in. The rules are the same, you have to be extremely well dressed, wearing awesome make up and in 90% of cases, you also have to be skinny.  
What I found strange is that when I entered the club, there were a LOT of ugly people! (and later on, I found on this was not a top NYC club, and in reality it was a mix of hipsters, tourists and international students)

On the first floor, they were playing music from international DJs and easy recognizable songs. In the basement, they had an alternative rock band and on the second floor, they only played rap and hip hop.

When we arrived on the second floor and I couldn’t believe what I was staring at. I think I asked myself 500 times why everyone abroad has a sexualized image of Brazilians, when Americans have a dance called Grinding O.o

According to Wikipedia: Grinding, also known the juking, freak dancing or freaking (in the Caribbean, wining) is a type of close partner dance where two or more dancers rub or bump against each other Their bodies, Especially the dancer rubbing his or her buttocks against another dancer‘s crotch area

Yep !! People were rubbing against each others for hours and endless songs. I was so embarrassed to see that scene that I asked my friend to leave. She was very upset at me and said I was boring and she also said I should be more liberal for being ”Brazilian”.

I started trying to understand why so many people have this vision of Brazil. I came to the conclusion that the culture of funk and samba (sexy dances from Brazilian) come from very poor areas. Since poverty is huge in Brazil, we have enough number to ”export” this culture, even though I’ve never had direct contact with it !! It is logical that statistically speaking, people from others countries will create stereotypes and assume every Brazilian dances in a sexual manner (loves soccer, beaches and carnival lol).